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long island terroir

Long Island Terroir

The North Fork of Long Island is a young, up-and-coming wine region, less than 40 years old. Vineyards planted since the 1990s have reaped the benefit of modern agriculture research and professional management. 

The North Fork has an excellent climate and superb terroir for growing grapes. Temperatures are moderated by surrounding water and sea breezes that aerate the vineyards. There is a long growing season, about 3300 growing degree days and 200-220 frost-free days. Light, well-drained soil is composed of Riverhead sandy and Haven loam. Most grapes are hand-harvested on small vineyard sites.

Differences in vintages add nuance and interest to the wines. The vintages are influenced by rainfall. Generally, the North Fork has a relatively mild winter, cold rain and bud break in the spring after frost, humid summers accompanied by cooling sea breezes, and a mild autumn. The result: wines with personality and verve.

North Fork of L.I. wines offer delicate fruitiness, charming flavors and soft tannins that contribute to a pleasing mouthfeel. The whites are fresh, fruity, food friendly, elegant and bright, with crisp minerality and mouth-watering acidity. The reds have dark ripe fruit aromas balanced by refreshing acidity, moderate alcohol and ripe tannins, and are not over-extracted.




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